Raise Your Own Shetland Sheep


New Shetland Sheep Lambs for Sale

We have made a special effort to breed for widely diverse bloodlines, and primitive attributes such as easy lambing and natural hardiness. Our lambs are known for their fine fiber and rare patterns and colors. All colors and several rare patterns are represented in our flock.

We offer lambs for sale to breeders, spinners, and as pets.

All new owners need to be aware of how to feed and care for these wonderful animals.

Buy Lambs From an Experienced Sheep Breeder

Our lambs are bred and cared for by someone who understands and loves Shetland sheep. Her devotion is key to the health of each and every lamb that comes from Bryn Meadow Farm. Take confidence when buying a lamb that the proper care goes into every animal.

Our lambs are in demand, so call early to see them.
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New Lambs for 2010