Fine Wool Fleeces – Fiber Wool for Your Next Project

Sheep Products

Wool Fleeces and Rovings

We shear twice a year and feature both single and double coat fleeces. All shades are usually available, except in the late fall and winter (the sheep insist on wearing their coats during the winter). All sheep colors are available: white, wildly spotted, gray, moorit (various shades of brown), chocolate brown, red brown, dark brown and black. Our fleeces vary as to: luster (sheen), crimp (waviness) and fineness.

We sell only fleeces that have been heavily skirted (hand cleaned) at shearing, by shearing only the neck, back, and sides. The "britch" hind legs, and belly wools are not included in the fleeces we market.

Shetland Wool Rovings for Spinning

Our fine and soft Shetland rovings from Shetlands are a spinners delight. Roving is sold in balls by the ounce. Roving is the form from which wool is spun and can be special ordered.

Wool Fleeces by the color, fineness, bag, or pound

We sell Shetland fleece by the bag and pound. You can communicate to us the color you are looking for or request sample cards of fleece by color. If you were really pleased by wool you have purchased from us in the past and remember whose fleece it is, you can ask for wool from the same sheep next time.

Wool Batting for Quilting

These are quilt liners made from "batts" of wool which are contained in muslin sheets and tufted. These are for use by the quilter as filling. They are available occasionally, or they can be special ordered.

Wool Fleeces $10-$26 lb.
Wool Roving $2 oz.
Wool Quilt Batts: Queen $125

Each wool and fleece will have the name of the sheep from which it comes.

Call today for information on the availability of our exceptional woolen products.