Heritage Breed Turkeys for Sale – Red Bourbons, Slate Blues, Holland Whites


Raise Your Own Flock Of Rare Breed Turkeys

Heritage Breed Turkeys originate in the Americas. They are considered "primitive" or "unimproved" poultry, meaning they preserve genetic diversity and gourmet flavor. They tend to have value as ornamental and hobby animals, as well as a tasty food source. Our animals are all free-range, naturally raised, with no growth hormones or meat by-products. Antibiotics are used only if an animal is ill.

Breeder of Free-Range Heritage Turkeys, Bourbon Red, SlateBlues, Holland Whites

Our farm raised turkeys have superior taste and are more nutritious than "factory turkeys" due to their being able to select what their diet needs. We do feed organic grain in the winter as snow is inexpensive, but is not very nutritious. Our eye-catching birds are rare Bourbon Reds, Slate Blues, and Holland Whites. Besides really having a superior taste, we were surprised to find they are a comical addition to our already quirky bunch. Some of our turkeys like nothing more than following us as we do our chores, and chasing Molly, our very intimidated dog. We are grateful that they are not aggressive toward children, adults, or other dogs, just Molly.

Raise Baby Turkeys as Pets

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Heritage Turkeys for Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner

Hens weighing 12-15 pounds – $55

Toms weighing 15-18 pounds – $65

Order early because they go quickly. $25 deposit required, pickup on the day before Thanksgiving