Raise Heritage Chickens in Your Backyard


Free-Range Rare Breed Chickens – Buff Cochin, Buff Cochin Bantams, Blue Cochin Bantams

All our Heritage chickens are Cochins, meaning they have feathers that cover their legs and feet, making them look like they are wearing bellbottom pants. We have "standard" (large breed) Buff Cochins, and Buff Cochin Bantams (these are miniature chickens frequently weighing less than a pound), and Blue Cochin Bantams. We find these Cochin breeds to be hardy to cold weather. All lay brown eggs. Bantam eggs make unusual looking deviled eggs.

We also raise regular chickens (Barred Rodes and Rhode Island Reds) for those that want standard egg breeds.

Free Range Chickens as Back Yard Pets and Layers

These birds make great pets for the backyard and are reasonably good egg layers. As with all free-range poultry, their eggs are more nutritious than "factory eggs". These really are not meat birds, but they are great show and pet birds. By the way, hens can lay eggs without roosters.

Raise your own backyard chickens today!

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