Heritage and Rare Breed Farm


We are a sustainable Heritage farm which offers rare farm animals

We specialize in humanely raised "Heritage" animals. The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy has developed a list of formerly common farm animals and designated them "Heritage Breeds". These animals are being championed for their genetic diversity and hardiness. They are known to have the ability to survive where "factory farm" animals fail, and those that go to the table have superior taste. Our Shetland sheep, turkeys (Bourbon Red, Slate, Holland White), standard and Bantam Buff cochin chickens, and Blue Cochin Bantams are always available. In the summer we also raise "feeder" pigs along with our other animals.

Family Friendly Farm Tours

Whether a family or school trip, Bryn Meadow Farm offers a glimpse at farm life through our guided farm tours. Take an afternoon and visit the farm or recommend a visit for a school trip. We welcome all visitors and guarantee a great time will be had by all who visit!

Farm Visits are $3 for adults $1 for children 12 and under.

School Visits are $25 per hour.

Please call (802) 425-5570 to make reservations.